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    Data Systems Update
    - We are in the middle of redesigning most of our backend data systems. First step is complete and should
    be the only significant downtime.
    - Some data may not show on places like the console and viewer portal as we moving everything. No data is lost, we're actually collecting more now, but we need to get things in the right places in order to do reporting.
    - Next step is to monitor all this new data to make sure things are working properly and then utilize it for reporting to users.

    - Fixed a bug where the giveaway could get stuck when there were issues loading certain users when the giveaway user pool was small.
    - Giveaways can now be restricted by Subscriber Level and Prestige Level

    - We now support separate currency rates for the three twitch sub levels

    -Rebuilt most of the underlying API REST system. The first available type of call for all users is,

    This type of REST call is equivalent to the streamer typing in a command. For instance the above example would be like typing "!roulette 5". For all API calls token is required. For Commands command is required. Now that this system has been built, we'll be adding more control from the API quickly.

    -We developed a new Event system and finished building a plugin for Construct. Anyone interested in building anything custom should ask about how to do development with Construct or just using the WebSocket APIs in general. A lot more customization is now possible. We're always availble in the AddOns channel in discord.

    -We're opening up a Developer type account to anyone interested in possibly building custom bot addons who is not a streamer. We will give access to the full API as long as the account does not stream more than 1 hour per week. Please contact us in Discord or at support.branebot.com.

    -Added feedback to a few more sections of the site
    -Removed sliders from Giveaway page since they were buggy at some resolutions. We will either replace with new controls or just remove the other sliders on the site.

    -New soundboard system that allows users to play sounds on stream. You can connect sound files that you upload with commands that you create. Once you add the Soundboard URL to your stream as a browser source you can use those commands to trigger sounds.
    This can be used in combination with the Store to let viewers buy sounds, or possibly combine this with the API to use a StreamDeck as a soundboard.

    - Prestige system has been expanded to 10 different levels
    - While we're updating the Prestige and Sub system any Prestige level will be considered a "Sub" for permissions. For instance, Sub restricted commands can be used by viewers who have at least Prestige level 1. This will be changed soon to separate Subs from Prestige in all instances.

    -Ranks have been expanded to 40 different levels

    Affiliate System
    -The affiliate system has been enabled and the affiliate links are now working properly. Anyone you referred to the bot can be considered one of your affiliates if they use your affiliate link when logging in. It does not matter if they already signed up, as long as they aren't affiliated with any other user. Your affiliate link is of the form http://www.branebot.com?aff=superstringman . Just have people go to the site with that URL when they login.
    -You can check your affiliates from the console by clicking the eye icon next to the Referalls number at the top of the page.
    -Affiliates are calculated at the end of the month. For affiliates with an active Advanced account you earn $0.25. For a Plus account it is $0.50. Once your total earnings go above $20 we will pay the balance to your paypal account email you have under your account settings. Paypal is currently the only payment we support, we're currenly looking into Amazons payment systems for future transactions.
    -You do not have to be a subscriber to earn from affiliates, this is open to users of the free version.

    Various other things I fixed and updated and forgot about a few minutes later are also in this patch. :)

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